About Ridgecrest Holdings

Ridgecrest Holdings Limited was started by a team of professionals that have expertise in Information Technology, Advertising and Ticketing domains. Our key products are Smart Parking Systems, E-Ticketing for all events and any e-commerce platforms and systems.


To be the pioneering and leading solutions company in Malawi in E-Commerce, Smart Parking Systems, E-Tickets and Internet of Things (IoT) industries. We are constantly working hard to bring tomorrow’s innovative technology today in to Africa.


Exceed client expectations by going beyond IT needs to provide solutions that transform data into knowledge.

Products and Services

We are specialized in Smart Parking, E-Commerce and E-Ticketing Solutions and offer following Produdcts and Services.


LPR Parking System

Every car has its own License Plate, so why not taking advantage of this to ensure a safer and easier parking experience?
That’s exactly what LPR (License Plate Recognition) allows to do.

How does LPR work?
LPR (License Plate Recognition), also known as ANPR (Automatic Number-Plate Recognition) is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates.
The system uses illumination and an infrared camera to take the image of the front or rear of the vehicle, then an image-processing software analyzes the images and extracts the license plate information.

Why choosing LPR?
LPR prevents car thieves or ticket swapping. Since ticket and license plate have to match at entry and exit, it Is almost impossible to pursue fraudulent behaviors. With LPR you can also easily manage black lists and be in control of all the events and movements at entrance and exit.
Highly reliable: in case of lost tickets, it is easy to determine the actual entry time from the license plate number.
In addition, LPR also allows multiple integrations and customizations, especially for contract parking where the recurrent user can smoothly access and egress the car park without any titles other than the vehicle license plate.
With LPR, it is also possible to enter with a pre-paid ticket, or use cashless solutions. Another benefit offered by LPR at entries/exits is the possibility to book a parking space in advance, to ensure the driver a hassle-free experience.

Vehicle Detection Sensors

Smart Parking has designed and developed a range of in-ground, surface-mount and overhead indicator vehicle detection sensors.
These can be installed in any configuration, meaning we can cater to almost any site terrain and requirements, from on-street parking to multi-level car parks – or a mixture of both. The technology they employ allows us to accurately capture a vehicle's arrival and departure times.

In-ground sensors In-ground sensors monitor individual parking spaces and relay occupancy status, which in turn send this information allowing real-time parking information to be viewed on multiple devices.

Surface mount sensors We also offer the option of surface-mount sensors for exposed sites – such as thin surfaces covering cabling and services, membranes, roof tops and wharfs – where core drilling into the ground may not be an option.

Overhead indicator sensors The overhead indicator system is a simple, cost-efficient and highly effective off-street parking management system.

Our systems transform the multi-storey parking experience for drivers by providing high-visibility, colour coded LED overhead guidance indicators that are dynamically controlled and allowing users to see the availability of entire rows of parking bays at a glance.

Street Parking Systems

The number of vehicles on the road is rapidly outpacing the supply of available parking spots. Parking has become a widespread issue in urban development. This problem can be mitigated by introduction of smart parking. Smart parking aims to help individually match drivers to parking spots, improve parking space utilization, reduce management cots, and alleviate traffic congestion.

Our smart street parking is the best choice for network communications of the Smart Parking Solution. The ticket vending machine consume low power and completely work using the solar power.

The Smart Parking Solution collects parking data (such as occupancy and duration), and relays this information to central server. This improves fee collection and reduces economic losses. Drivers can obtain the real-time parking space information and ticket. For example, when only few parking spots are available, drivers can be directed to the next vacant spot. This eases traffic congestion cause by frustrated drivers searching for potential spots. Furthermore, self-help payment saves manpower and allows parking service providers to reallocate labor from toll collection to parking supervision.

E-Ticketing Solution

Online Ticket Booking Software manages reservations and season tickets; it takes care of printing tickets, seat labels along with report generation and balance calculations. Can easily create designs for tickets, print in multiple ways and manage complex seat allotment process from multiple locations.

We provide the Best E Ticketing Management Software that can be considered the future of ticketing. Tickets have changed from paper tickets to electronic tickets, our software allows travellers to take a print or re-print in case they have lost it.

Our Online Ticketing Systems are emerging as the most liked tool among travellers mainly because of its convenience and hassle free usage. They can be integrated with mobile phones and SMS can be sent against each ticket booked. It can also send information in bulk as and when required by users and travellers.

Please visit www.ticketsmalawi.com

E-Commerce Platforms

Our E-Commerce platforms are ready to use customisable platforms that runs on world recognized frameworks. Ridgecrest is in the process of introducing Multi Vendor Online Payment Gateway that any company can use to receive online payments.

Our Partners

Ridgecrest Holdings is a partner company with two other companies who are pioneers in Information Technology and Advertising industry.

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